The simple, all natural solution that uses inversion therapy to reduce or even eliminate your back pain for good!

Our Story

Built Better to Help You Get Better

Backlounge was founded with one mission – to help you say goodbye to back pain, so that you can live the life you deserve. The vision of CEO, Joe Urbay, Backlounge goes beyond conventional tables, delivering inversion therapy without the worry of being fully inverted, or the pain of the ankle straps and locks other tables require.

Combining heavy duty materials in an intelligent, ultra-light design, Backlounge is a recognized leader in spinal therapy, letting you leverage three individual solutions to find relief from your back pain, including decompression, core strengthening and myofascial release.

Now Available in the U.S.

Originally only available to European customers, Backlounge quickly took its place as the best-selling inversion table in Germany thanks to the clear results it delivers. Yet, for Joe, a proud New Yorker, being able to be part of helping people right here in the U.S. was a must.

Every day, he was surrounded by friends and family who suffered from back problems – some so bad that they could barely move. Yet, he knew that Backlounge could help and he wouldn’t rest until he could make it available not just to the people he knew and loved, but everyone across the county who lives with back problems.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

This dedication to helping as many people as possible enjoy life without back pain is also why at Backlounge, we are also dedicated to making sure you’re completely happy with your purchase. We want you to feel better and experience the relief Backlounge brings. If you don’t, simply let us know. We offer a 60-day No Hassle Money-Back Guarantee (less S+H).

The only thing you have to lose is the pain.

So don’t wait.

Start your journey to back pain relief today.