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  • Inversion bench for back, trunk, abdominal and leg training as well as stretching the spine
  • Effective back extension and build-up training simply while sitting
  • Ultra-light, stable and safe thanks to the intelligent design
  • Extremely durable
  • For men and women - beginners or professionals - of all ages
  • Very easy to assemble in a flash
  • In stock, ships from the U.S.

There are two proven ways to relieve back pain

Backlounge does both!

There are two proven ways to relieve back pain. Backlounge does both!
Woman using Backlounge in a upside down position

1. Inversion Therapy

Let gravity do the work for you.

The benefits of inversion therapy are well known. Gravity pushes down on your spine all day long. By simply putting your body in an inverted position, your spine gently stretches and decompresses, quickly reduce most forms of back pain in minutes.

Man using Backlounge in a crunch position as core strengthening

2. Core Strengthening

Your upper body and spinal column are supported by a group of muscles around your waist know as your "core". Having a weak core could result in back pain.

Strengthening your core changes all that. Your back is better supported. You stand taller and have better balance, and losing a few inches around your waist is always welcome!

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  • Safe to use, Abs and core muscles are perfectly targeted, Adjustable leg rollers
  • Soothing rollers massage, Sturdy design, Ready to use in seconds
Soothing rollers massage, Sturdy design, Ready to use in seconds
Backlounge with various parts of the machine highlighted


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