The simple, all natural solution that uses inversion therapy to reduce or even eliminate your back pain for good!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Backlounge?

The Backlounge is designed to be used by healthy adults. Always consult a physician before beginning any workout regimen.

How does the Backlounge help with pain?

The Backlounge may help relieve back pain by both stretching your spine and strengthening your back and core muscles.

How do I get up after using the Backlounge?

Before you attempt to get up, be sure you are in the seated position and no longer inverted. Slowly put both feet firmly on the ground. Firmly grip the safety handles with your hands. Use the handles to steady you while you stand and step off of the Backlounge. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded from being inverted, stay in the seated position until it passes prior to attempting to get up. Do not try to exit from the side of the Backlounge as that could cause it to tip over.

How long should I use the Backlounge each time?

Consult your physician to determine what level of exercise is safe and effective for you. If you feel lightheaded or experience any discomfort while on the Backlounge, slowly return to the upright, seated position and exit the Backlounge when you feel ready to do so.

How long will it take to get my Backlounge once I place my order?

We will strive to process and ship your Backlounge within 48 business hours of receiving your order. Shipping times may vary but on average should take 7-10 business days.