The simple, all natural solution that uses inversion therapy to reduce or even eliminate your back pain for good!

250 lb Weight Capacity
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  • Advanced design combines inversion therapy with core strengthening to leverage proven techniques for back relief
  • High quality back and neck rollers to massage away muscular trigger points and improve posture
  • Intelligent, innovative design means you’re never completely upside down, staying in full control throughout use
  • Extremely durable
  • Perfect for all ages and rated for up to 250 lbs.
  • Comes 90% assembled and no tools required
  • Under 25 pounds, it’s easy to move and even folds flat for closet storage or under a bed
  • In stock, ships from the U.S.

Safe, Effective Inversion Therapy, Without the Fear

We know for many of you, back pain is something you have been living with for far too long. Why not give the Backlounge a try, and get the back pain relief you’re looking for today!

The Backlounge also offers real relief from your back and neck issues in multiple ways.

Some inversion therapy solutions on the market offer relief, but trap you in ankle brackets that can make you feel claustrophobic and not in control. But the Backlounge is different. The Backlounge is a first-of-its-kind inversion therapy bench that takes the worry and pain out of inversion to offer more back-relieving benefits. Its intelligent design puts you in complete control, delivering inversion therapy without the often scary sensation of being fully upside down or the ankle pain that can come with conventional inversion tables.

Man stretching his back outside

#1 – Inversion Therapy to Take the Pressure Off Your Spine

The Backlounge’s unique inversion function stretches and elongates your spinal muscles, while taking the pressure off your spine to decompress the disc space between your vertebrae.

Woman doing crunches outside

#2 – Core Strengthening to Support Your Spine

You can also use Backlounge to strengthen your core muscles, going beyond temporary relief to create long-lasting change.

Your back is better supported. You stand taller, have better balance and losing inches around your waist is always welcome!

Lumbar bar showing relief of back

#3 – Myofacial Release to Get to the Root of Your Pain

The Backlounge also features medium density lumbar foam rollers, making myofascial release possible by targeting your pain regions efficiently and effectively.

Diagram showing posture during stretch

#4 – Postural Realignment to Help You Stand Up Straight Again

Backlounge features a built-in cervical foam roller system to help address the issue of head-forward, hunched-over posture brought on by too much time on the computer or phone.

Safe to use

You control the angle of inversion and you are never completely upside down.

Abs and core muscles are perfectly targeted

Work you legs arms and upper body as well.

Adjustable leg rollers

Adjustable leg rollers give you a variety of positions. Perfect for all levels.

Back rollers

Soothing rollers massage

For your back and relieve lower back tension.

Supporting a large man

Sturdy design

Holds up to 250 pounds.

Folds flat

Ready to use in seconds!

Folds and stores anywhere.

Get Started Quickly and Easily

Fast assembly- comes 90% assembled and no tools required

Backlounge has padded safety handles, adjustable leg rollers, lumbar and cervical support, an exercise program, and folds flat for storage

Backlounge Five Star Reviews

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