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Next-Generation Inversion Therapy Takes the Fear and Pain Out of Getting Better

Millions of people around the world suffer from back pain each and every day. From muscle spasms and stiffness to sharp, shooting sensations, it’s a condition that can keep them from doing the things they love, with the people they love. That’s why Backlounge LLC is proud to announce the launch of its next-generation in inversion therapy systems, to address three of the most common causes of back pain to the US market.

While inversion therapy has been proven to help relieve back pain by stretching and elongating the spinal muscles and decompressing the disc space between vertebrae, for many, using a conventional inversion table comes with its own issues.

One of the most common problem back pain sufferers face in using these dated options is the need to lock the ankles in place in order to support the body during inversion. The straps and locks used for this process result in strain on the ankle joints, often creating pain of their own.

Additionally, fear can keep conventional inversion users from utilizing their table on a regular basis. Since the sensation of being fully upside down can be uncomfortable, it can create worry that keeps a person from relaxing and allowing inversion to do its work.

Backlounge solves those problems. Backlounge’s intelligent design puts users in complete control, delivering total inversion therapy, without the often scary sensation of being fully upside down. Since no ankle straps or locks are required, the inversion bench also eliminates the ankle issues that plague conventional tables.

Backlounge is also designed to provide more help than those older models can offer, helping users strengthen their core muscles in order to go beyond temporary relief to create long-lasting change. The table is also equipped with built-in cervical and lumbar foam rollers, which deliver myofascial release and reduce the trigger points that keep back muscles locked down.

When asked what motivated him to extend distribution of Backlounge to the United States after becoming the best-selling inversion table in Germany, Backlounge CEO, Joe Urbay had this to say, “I see people day in and day out that suffer from back pain – some who can barely move. I knew Backlounge could help and I wanted to be part of making their lives better.”

Backlounge is a next-generation solution for the age-old problem of back pain.