The simple, all natural solution that uses inversion therapy to reduce or even eliminate your back pain for good!

The Science

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Target Back Pain in 3 Ways For Better Relief and Long-Lasting Results

Backlounge’s Inversion Plus Capabilities Mean You’re Not Stuck with Just One Way to Relieve Your Pain.

Unlike conventional inversion tables that offer inversion only, Backlounge gets to the root of your back pain in three powerful ways to help you achieve even better back pain relief, while creating long-lasting changes that keep that relief going.

Here’s how Backlounge works to help you say goodbye to your back pain:

#1 – Decompression

Over time, gravity presses down on your spine, compressing the disc space between your vertebrae and irritating your spinal nerves. As a result, the muscles along the sides of your spine contract, your shoulders and head pull forward and your left with poor posture and tight, aching muscles.

Backlounge’s inversion function allows you to stop fighting the forces of gravity and let it work for you, using your own body weight to reduce disc compression, ease that nerve irritation and loosen and elongate your spinal muscles.

Simply invert on Backlounge to start feeling the relief. And since Backlounge allows you to control the angle of your inversion, with no ankle straps or locks required like with conventional inversion benches, your relief is in your hands.

Inversion therapy with Backlounge requires no serious time commitment.

To start, use Backlounge’s inversion function for 30 second to 1 minute twice a day so you become familiar with being in an inverted position. From there, simply work your way up to 2 minutes/two times per day.

#2 – Core Strengthening

Despite the relief you’ll feel with inversion therapy, alone it’s often not enough to offer long-lasting results. That’s because your upper body and spinal column are supported by a group of muscles around your waist known as your "core". And when these muscles are weak, back pain can often be inevitable.

So if you’re thinking “Why does my back hurt?” – the answer’s usually at least in part due to weakness in these muscles.

It’s a weakness you have to address if you want to extend the results you get from inversion.

However, the most commonly recommended exercises for this can be difficult to do when you’re already hurting.

That’s why Backlounge is designed to provide an easy and quick workout, designed with back pain sufferers in mind, that allows you to significantly strengthen your core muscles, so that your back is better supported.

As an added bonus, the core workout you get with Backlounge can help trim inches around your waist, which may help further reduce your back issues.

#3 – Myofascial Release

Of course, back pain isn’t all due to disc compression or weak muscles. It can also be made worse by trigger points within the muscles of your hips and low back.

In fact, myofascial trigger points are a common cause of both acute and chronic back pain.

They can cause a deep, aching pain that’s hard to ignore, leave you stiff and restrict your movement. And they tend to be painfully persistent.

That’s why Backlounge features a built-in lumbar foam roller system.

The rollers target painful trigger points to help them melt away with every use. As the trigger points in your back are diminished, tight muscles can begin to relax, your flexibility increases and the relief you experience accelerates.

Don’t Be Satisfied with Inversion Alone

So rather than relying on conventional tables that offer inversion only, get advanced relief with Backlounge’s Inversion Plus Capabilities. Featuring decompression, core strengthening and myofascial trigger point release, Backlounge targets the most common causes of back pain.

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